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Christmas Eve (Natsu and Lucy Fanfic)

At Fairy Tail guild everyone was happy because Christmas was arriving and everyone was trying to find what they're loved ones would like to have

Lucy : Ahhhh what I am going to do (hurried and frustrated)

Lisanna : What is going on Lucy ? (wondering)

Lucy : Lisanna I am so happy to see you I can't find a present for Natsu can you help me please ! (begging her)

Lisanna : Well I you really want to give him a special present I think that I can help you (suddenly)

Erza and Mira going to Lucy and Lisanna and see what is going on

Erza : I there something bothering you Lucy ? (asking)

Lucy : I cant find a present for Natsu ! (still frustrated)

Mira : My my I think that you can give to Natsu the perfect present

Lucy : Really!!! (surprised and calmed down)

Erza and Lisanna : Really!! (shocked)

Mira : Come here a bit Lucy (gloving eyes planning something)

Mira tock Lucy over and told her about her plan come to Erza and Lisanna

Lisanna : Well what my sister told you? (curious)

Lucy : ………(blushes and point her finger at her)

Erza :  Well tell us (more curious)

Lucy : M…..(mumble)

Erza : Huhh?...

Lisanna : You? (asking her)

Lucy : ……Nood …..nood….(saying yes whiteout words)

Lisanna : What did Mira-one Chan told you ? (curious)

Lucy : ……(her face was red like a tomato)

Erza : Come on don't be shy tell us (more curious)

Lucy : Can we please go to a table and talk peacefully? (asking)

Erza, Lisanna and Lucy tock a table where nobody can hear them all of them seat on a cheer and waited for Lucy to tell them what Mirajane said to Lucy

Erza : Well tell us Lucy

Lisanna : Yeah tell us come on Lucy

Suddenly Mirajane and Juvia shaw them sitting far away from the other guild members and she trough that they where hiding something she tock Juvia whit her and walked to Lucy Lisanna and Erza

Mira : What are you talking about ? (curious)

Erza : We asked Lucy what you said to her and she seems to be to timid  

Mira : What I told her ?

Erza : when you took her away and told her about what kind of present to give to Natsu

Lisanna : Yeah Mira-one Chan what kind you told her to give to Natsu?

Mira : Simple I told her to give herself to him as a present

Juvia /Lisanna /Erza : WHAAAAAAAT!!! (shocked)

Lisanna : Mira this is to much!!

Erza : To… ….to Give herself ….to …..too….to him (thinking about Lucy warped around in a sexy Christmas gift and giving herself to Natsu and Natsu throwing her on the bed and starting the Mecha Mecha)  

Lisanna : You think to much Erza !!

Juvia : Ahhhhh I wish that Gray-sama would take me as his Christmas present and then I will be his love or may by his wife KYAAAAAAAA GRAYYYYYY-SAMAAAAAA

Lucy : Oy oy oy you are having to much fantasies whit him!! (Lucy : =.='': )

Mira : Well Lucy what do you think about my opinion ? [to be Natsu's Christmas present]  

Lucy : I think that is a good idea (suddenly more serious about beginning Natsu's Present)

Suddenly Natsu arrives at the table where the girls where discussing , arguing about presents

Natsu : Supp what are you doing!!

Erza : Natsu you must take full responsibility for you consequences !!! (whit nakama eyes and face and shacking him around)

Natsu : Ehhhhh what responsibility what did I do (scared by Erza and surprised)

Juvia : Natsu-sama can you tell me please where is Gray-sama ? (tock him from Erza's hand's )

Natsu dizzy : Gray told me that he is going to buy something I don't know

Juvia : Tell me where Gray-sama went (shacking more than Erza)

Natsu dizzy : He….he….went that way (pointing where Gray's direction was)

Juvia : Thank you wary much (let go of him and he hits the floor still dizzy)

Lucy : Well then I am going on a job (obviously a lie)

Natsu : Hey Lucy can I help you whit the work ?

Lucy : Sorry Natsu but this job is kind of personal sorry

Natsu : Ok I understand

Lucy : Ok see ya I am going to worck

Natsu : Ok see ya [whispering] (what should I give to Lucy for Christmas )

Mira : What are you doing Natsu?

Natsu : Well Mira I think that Lucy is avoiding me

Mira : No way Natsu don't worry Lucy doesn't avoid you

Natsu : Are you sure !!

Mira : Yeah !! I think that you should go home and rest may by santa will bring you some nice present's

Natsu : Ok then I am heading home thanks for telling me Mira (runs out from the guild and runs at his house)

Natsu arrives at his house and enters in his room and he shaw a huge box on his bed he opens the box and inside was Lucy [naked tied whit ]

Natsu : Lucy !! (surprised)

Lucy : Hello Natsu You like your present ?

Natsu : ……. (blushe like a tomato)

Lucy : You don't like your present? (worried)

Natsu : No no no…..I like it…..I really love it  

And both of them entered in the bed and started the mecha mecha [love is in the air]

I hope that you like my present
Merry Christmas my present for :iconkitkatbookworm: a NaLu FanFic
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year
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flamer000 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014
Kill me... I shall die a happy death from this.....
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nosebleedThe Monkey With the Nosebleed :nosebleed: 
thunderwolf1324 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
As my friend always say, looks like someone's feeling fruity in the booty
Cristyy17 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
But sometimes the fruit can be bitter some times Am I right :iconcuriousplz:
thunderwolf1324 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You are correct but that fruit was sweet
Cristyy17 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
You are wrong it not was sweet

It was Delicious :D :icononionxdplz:
thunderwolf1324 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist was savoring and devouring
Cristyy17 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
Yeah you got a point there :)
thunderwolf1324 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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